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Laesa Power Plants have operated in the Dominican Republic for more than 24 years.

Beginning in the city of Santiago, Laesa  utilized EMD diesel generators for prime
power to assist with the voltage stability in that city.

After Hurricane George , Laesa installed seven additional plants to help with the country's recovery from that natural disaster, producing power to 65% of the area of the Dominican Republic, Laesa was able to restore power to remote cities within days after the storm.

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Laesa Plant History:

1989 Santiago - First private contract issued by CDEE
1997 Samana
1998 Montecristi
1998 Monte Plata
1998 Yamasa
1998 Sabna del Mar
1998 Boya
1998 La Isabela
1998 Dajabon
1998 Oviedo
2000 Pimentel- Largest Continuous Duty EMD plant in the world
2005 Pimentel - Wartsila
2008 Rio San Juan
2009 Pimentel - Wartsila Phase 2
2010 Pimentel - Wartsila Phase 3
2011 Pimentel Gas Conversion Phase 1
2012 Pimentel Gas Conversion Phase 2


Laesa, headed by Ing. Edwin De Jesus, formerly of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, has optimized its power production with the single goal of power and fuel efficiency in mind. Laesa's continuing effort to produce clean, efficient power shall continue for decades to come.

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24 Years of Service